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Here´s a listing of the .d64 files on my C64 CD. When you find a game that isn´t in one of the usual archives yet, tell me and i will upload it to arnold.
C64CD.ZIP (499KB)
This is a list of all my .d64 files that aren´t on my C64 CD.
C64too.ZIP (64KB)
Email :

And here are my converted .tap files. Click on the pictures to download them.

Note: Tripod seems to have problems with files larger than 500KB. I had to split Labyrinth and the Input 64 tape into two parts. To merge the two parts just unzip both files and run the .exe file.

Note2: this collection will not be updated since i lost all my tapes due to a tenancy changeover.

( 242KB ) Action Biker

( 143 KB ) Colony

( 121KB ) The Sentinel

( 208KB ) Bride of Frankenstein

( 217KB ) Ace of Aces

Part 1 / Part 2
( 677KB ) Input 64 02/87 (german electronic magazine)

( 98KB ) Big Mac

( 172KB ) Bump Set Spike! - Doubles Volleyball (Mastertronic Volleyball)

( 288KB ) Hollywood Poker

( 151KB ) 1985 - The Day After

( 154KB ) Harvey Headbanger

( 142KB ) Gunstar

( 162KB ) One man and his droid

( 140KB ) Panther

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